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skype system

Skype is free and it allows you to talk from one to several people at once while everyone can see a computer screen, enabling people to read and discuss together from anywhere.  I have started using Skype with friends around the world where we explore key verses together from alkitab from my computer screen.  We take turns reading, giving people the chance to investigate alkitab so they can be informed about it, while practicing English reading and pronunciation.

I thought I would make this available to others who would like to try this to investigate the Bible and practice their English in this way.  (I can also do this in French and Swedish if someone prefers one of these languages.)  For you to do this you need a regular skype account (which is free).  If you do not have a skype account please click here to register and then download skype on your computer, tablet or phone.

Please fill in the form below with your Skype Name so we can become Skype Contacts.  When you submit the form I will send you a skype request to become a contact and determine a time convenient for everyone to hold a Skype session to read, explore and discuss verses from alkitab, allowing you to improve your understanding of it (and improve your English).


Skype Formulir Kontak

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